Chiny’s Birthday Comedy Jamboree

New Show Announcement

Hey Friends,

This Firday (March 9, 2012) is Chingy’s Birthday. So in honor of his birthday some of the whitest (& one of the brownest) Comedians in Pittsburgh would like to throw him a party that he’s probably going to love! Yes, thats right its a Comedy Jamboree. This show is hosted by Haters for Hire‘s, Derek Minto and features the likes of myself, Andrew Rutherford, Ed Knizknich, John Pridmore and WDVE’s & Pittsburgh Magazine’s Sean Collier. This is show is at Smiling Moose on East Carson St. at 10 pm. for only $10! Everyone loves Chingy and more importantly everyone loves White (and one brown) Comedians paying homage to Chingy with their skills. Come on down and have some fun the only way Chingy & Comedy fans can!

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