And now For the Politics…

Wizard of Oz GOP

The race for the Republican candidacy this year is like the Wizard of Oz. Everyone plays their part to get the Emerald City. Mitt Romney is the Tin Man, because that guy needs a heart. He’s more robotic than Robocop. He’s like an ATM because he doesn’t understand anything unless there’s money involved. Rick Santorum is the Scarecrow, because he’s just too stupid stop running! He’s done, but there’s nothing in his head to make stop talking about Mitt Romeny and Gay sex. There’s another metaphor in there but I won’t get too much into it, because Santorum is already deep into it. Newt is the Lion because you have to have huge cajones to say the things you say and stick by it. “Lets all have wives but girlfriends on the side and live on the Moon” and stare at you in all seriousness. Live on the moon? Isn’t that plot to the second Austin Powers movie? Newt Gingrich is a fat, less bald, scarier Dr. Evil. Ron Paul is like Toto, because he’s just there and everyone just treats him like a puppy. “Awh, are you trying to run for president?! Look who thinks he can be president!” Just adorable! Now we are just waiting for Obama to come down and click his heels and get his second term going.

Wizard of Oz GOP

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