Has Disney gone Too Far?

The Disney Channel has officially gone too far. My fans in the 5-12 year range will tell you about the show Jessie and the small Indian in the show, Ravi. This was brought to my attention by my girlfriend. Lets watch a few short clips shall we.

In the first clip, this is pretty standard. White kids, and now black kids, are picking on the little brown boy. This has happened to me so I was able to empathize. I was beaten up when I first started school by two white kids and when I went to the nurse because my head was bleeding I was offered a brown paper towel, which is what is taught to you at Bad Doctors School. So I can empathize with this kid when he’s hung up there. And he’s right, Karma is doesn’t forget much like the Indian Elephant. That little Luke kid better watch out! Onwards.

This next video is full of falsities. I like how Ravi doesn’t understand the concept of Santa Claus, only because he’s foreign. As a young child in India, I knew about Santa Claus. Who doesn’t know about the fat man that brings your free presents! Every Disney special I saw in Indian with Mickey, Goofy and all their little friends celebrated Christmas and awaited Santa! Hell, even Batman taught you about Santa as Robin and him took the Joker! So to say that other countries don’t get Christmas and under the concept of Santa Clause is not only racist but also pretentious of Disney to assume.

Okay this video takes me back to when I was 9 and decided to wear something similar to this kid. But I’ve never heard this term, Sherwani. What he’s wearing I have 3 of in my closet right now, but just not as fancy as he’s got on. What he’s got on is a Kurtha. Say it with me people, Kurtha (cur-ta). Simple word. I wore a fancy one for my uncle’s wedding like 12 years ago, minus the scarf. My girlfriend pointed out that a Sherwani is real, but it’s a long coat. Like a peacoat without the pockets and a few more buttons. Do your research Disney.

I’m also being told Ravi, or the actor that plays Ravi, was not born in India, and had to have a voice coach to train him in the Indian Accent. That fact that he had to be coached to learn the Indian Accent, much like the start of Slumdog Millionaire, hes’s not a real Indian. He’s a faux Indian. I’m highly offended at this show and that this Ravi kid represents my people and introduces the youth of American to what Indian people are like. This will not be overlooked.

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