Madness in the Message

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Comedy Enthusiasts,

My good friend and fellow Comedian, Ron Placone, has a One Man Show that he has been gearing up for past year or so. The premiere of this show is coming this Saturday, June 23rd at the Steel City Improv Theater. The show is a provocative multimedia one-man show on media criticism and comedy. Describing the show “as The Daily Show meets the BBC series How TV Ruined Your Life with an academic edge,” Ron takes the audience on a tour through a contemporary media landscape where advertisers, owners and special interest groups come first and the  general public comes dead last. Read more about it on Ron’s website (that was very recently rebranded, updated and spruced up by Venkat).

I am very excited because I had  the great opportunity to be in a few sketches that Ron filmed with Elliot Burns for the show. This includes the infamous sketch of Ron, Myself, Derek Minto and a few other fellow comedians skipping down the famous East Carson St. Being a part of this show was really cool, in that got to show of my acting shops and my skipping athleticism as well get to know Ron better. Ron also did a short premiere back in April at the LaRoche College Homecoming Kings of Comedy show.

So come down to the Steel City Improv Theater and check out the show on June 23, 2012 at 8pm for only $5, and enjoy some media criticism, comedy, music, sketches and tons more in this show!

Madness in the Message by Ron Placone

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