The Travis D

Hello folks,

This past Thursday, at Hambones, there was a special show where Travis Walling “interrupted” your set. This led to an open dialogue format of comedy. My set was an interesting one, as I started doing a few of my religious bits that I wanted to bring back into rotation. Since this was an open format of Comedy, there one member of the audience who was puzzled by the story/joke I was telling. I answered his question in a comedic way, and then attacked myself too. I don’t think he liked that because as started to proceed with the joke he left. But the big lesson I learned here is when I’m in a show like that, where a lot of the material is off the cuff and conversational trying to my bits which are based on timing, wordplay and short stories, don’t work all too well. When the stream of consciousness is broken parts of the punchline and the set up go missing and fall flat. It was still a fun show, I hope it happens again! Thanks Travis!

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