Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-27-New Year, New Noodles

This episode focuses on the New Year and the changes to come for 2014.

BONUS: Alternate Take of the FDA’s unapproval of the show.

BONUS: Alternate Take of Governor Mike Philips and Moneybags pushing their agendas for the show.

BONUS: Delroy Camero’s Brother pushes his agenda and his resolutions for the show.

Written by: Krish Mohan & Molly Sharrow
Starring: Krish Mohan, Cason Male, Woody Drennan, Ray Zawodni (Follow @RealLifeZawodni), Justin Vetter (Follow @JustVetter), Zach Funk (Follow @ZFunktopus) & Michael Buzzeli
Directed by: Krish Mohan & Mary Stewart
Music by: Max Somerville
Cinematography by: Mary Stewart
Filmed at Catapult PGH