The Dispatch! The Origin Of Saint Valentine!

Valentines Day. The ONE day that the corporate state allows us to feel Love. The rest of the days we all have to be sad caricatures of the lonely shoppers that we truly are. V-Day as a some chronically single people call it, has been notorious for being one of the consumerist holidays of all … Continue reading The Dispatch! The Origin Of Saint Valentine!


The Dispatch! Celebration In Violence

In other news, it was recently the Super Bowl this Sunday. A unofficial national holiday to tie your identity into consumerism and gladiator games. We all cheer for concussions and which company used celebrities and humor as a weapon against the fragile human mind. This year the Philadelphia Eagles won. And in tradition, Philadelphia went … Continue reading The Dispatch! Celebration In Violence

We All Need To Shift The Way We Look At Death [Live Stand Up Comedy]

Comedian Krish Mohan discusses why he's comfortable with death and what he wants done with his body. Recorded live at the Pittsburgh Art House. Written & Edited by Krish Mohan Videography by Krish Mohan Subscribe//Weekly Emails//Show Dates Patreon//Bandcamp Podcast//FFON Podcast//Gumroad Download my new album “Approaching Happiness” Download my new Comedy E.P. “Height Of My Existence”

Taboo Table Talk #71 & #72-Occult, Comedy & the Community

Tricia Chamberlian, Stephanie Onderchanin and Emily Syrja, the girls of the Comedy Coven, talk about the beginnings of the female run comedy collective, witchcraft & wicken, failure, honesty in comedy and so much more! NEW LIVE STAND UP COMEDY DATES November 2 at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh PA November 3 at the Pilot Light … Continue reading Taboo Table Talk #71 & #72-Occult, Comedy & the Community

Taboo Table Talk #69 & #70-The Merit System with Woody Drennan

[audio ] [audio ] Woody Drennan, the owner of Unplanned Comedy Warehouse & improvisor, discusses the upcoming shows at the theater, such as Point Break: Live, our obsession with Celebrities, the history of the Bible and the issues within White Supremacy. He continues talking about the problems of racism within the workplace, the idea of … Continue reading Taboo Table Talk #69 & #70-The Merit System with Woody Drennan