The Dispatch! Summer Guncation!

Schools out! Summer is in session! While you’re at the beach, tanning and fighting off rogue seagulls not thinking about the next school year 2 different states just advocated for teachers having guns in schools. Which goes to show how broke America is right now. It’s merging cops, the military, mercenaries and educators into one … Continue reading The Dispatch! Summer Guncation!


The Dispatch! Lies, Spies & Torture Programs!

Dick Cheney recently came out and said that we shouldn’t get rid of torture programs but rather learn from them. In other news Satan still thinks God is kind of a dick. Cheney also says that what most people consider torture isn’t. Cheney calls that therapy. These folks that have been tortured know so much … Continue reading The Dispatch! Lies, Spies & Torture Programs!