The Dispatch! Trusted News

Lets talk about Sinclair Broadcasting. Doesn’t that name itself have the elements of a regal dictator that wants to control you with pictograms and sky symbols? Sinclair sounds like a trust fund baby that thinks everything has a price tag on it that only he can buy, including information. “MMM, yes I’ll have all the … Continue reading The Dispatch! Trusted News


The Dispatch! World War Immigration

In 2006 then President Bush sent the National Guard to the US-Mexico border. That was mainly so he could dress in another Navy Pilot’s uniform and land on Mexican soil and claim “Mission Accomplished!” We did y’all. We got Mexico back into American hands where it belongs. But then he realized that we wouldn’t have … Continue reading The Dispatch! World War Immigration

The Dispatch! Gateway to Dystopia

We’ve got a new Taskforce to celebrate! The Prescription Interdiction Litigation Unit, adorably known as PILL is here to target drug manufacturers who contributed to the Opioid Epidemic. Basically The Pill Police, professional Narcs. Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice are actually backing local governments who are suing opioid manufacturers and distributors! Now this … Continue reading The Dispatch! Gateway to Dystopia