How Not To Fit In


My third hour of comedy, released on August 1, 2016, is available for download at iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon. Plus you can stream it on Spotify and Pandora. This is a socially conscious Stand Up Comedy Album where I discuss the issues in Immigration, Race, Agnosticism, Sexual Obsession, Police Reform and more! It has a loose narrative of how I culturally don’t fit in with Americans and the Indians in the America. Check out the album below!

When you’re born in India and immigrate to the U.S., it can be hard to find a place to fit in. Using his quirky attitude and intelligent comedy, Krish tries to find where he fits in. Is it with Americans or the Indians in the U.S?

an honest, funny approach to describe how his expectations of moving to America didn’t line up with reality; how he has handled racism…; his relationship with his parents who raised him to be a devout Hindu, yet he is no longer faithful; and even sex education” -NUVO (Indianapolis)

Mohan’s material is frequently clever if not uproariously funny” Roger Caitlin of the Washington Post

If you appreciate comedians that deliver a message with style and truth, and make you LOL while they’re delivering the message, then go see the Indian Comedian, unless of course…you’re racist.” -Randy Clark from IndyFringe Talks

he is a thinking man’s comedian and an astute one at that.” -Tom Alvarez of the Examiner

a playful, provocative stand-up routine” -The DCist

wry observations about how he’s treated in America as an immigrant, though he uses where he was born and what he looks like as a jumping-off point, not a crutch” -IndyStar

“‘touchy’ subjects are addressed with a personal approach from lifelong experience” -Ben Daniels of the DC Metro Theater Arts

Download the special 2 year anniversary edition of the album recorded at the Argonaut, as part of the Capital Fringe in 2016!