All Aboard The Friendship!


I’m super super excited to be a guest on the Friendship podcast with Daniel Gauer & Mo Mitchell! Myself and Kurt Messick were live at the Void in Bloomington telling ghost stories, tales of bad relationships and so much more! This was recorded before a really great show in Bloomington! So if you’re in area, go check out the Void and support local comedy! Give it a listen!

Return to the Bones Lair Podcast!



I’m excited to return to the Bones Lair with this great conversation some of my favorite people in the world! J.C., Boston, my good friend Mark Viola and Bone dive into road stories, open mics and being a better person! Check out and share it with your friends!

Height Of My Existence E.P.


As a prelude to my upcoming album, “Approaching Happiness“, I released an E.P. called “Height Of My Existence” that dives into dating as an immigrant, drug reform, Bernie Sanders, theoretical physics and more! You can download it exclusively on my Bandcamp page and it’s pay what you want. Check it out below and download it today!

Featuring for Lee Camp in Atlanta!


I’m very excited to be returning to Atlanta with Lee Camp for 2 shows at the Relapse Theater! It’s been a while since Lee was in Atlanta! We will be at the Relapse Theater on June 9 & 10 at 8pm. The Relapse is a great, intimate venue with a wonderful staff. Come fill that room up and get your tickets before they sell out!


Approaching Happiness Returns To The South


I’m returning down South with my hour of comedy, “Approaching Happiness” in June. I’ll be working on a little bit of new material as well. The hour was just recorded so I’m excited to kick around some new ideas and mix it in with this current hour. I’m headed to Fairfax VA, Morgantown, Charlottesville, Louisville and more! Check out the dates and tickets below!

June 2: TBA in Fairfax, VA with Zach Funk, Ben Daniels & Kevin Skiffington. Details coming soon!

June 3: Monongalia Arts Center in Morgantown, WV with Zach Funk & Tawnya Drake. $10 cover at the door. 8pm show.

June 4: The Southern Cafe and Music Hall in Charlottesvile, VA with Zach Funk and Paige Campbell. $7 advance/$10 at door. 7:30pm doors, 8pm show.

June 6: Comedy Bingo at the Dead Crow Comedy Club at 8pm. No Cover.

June 13: Kaijuesdays with Kent Carney, Mandee McKelvey & Greg Welsch. 9pm show. $5 suggested donations.

Taboo Table Talk #47 & #48-The Omniverse with Derek Krystek


Part 1

[audio ]

Part 2

[audio ]

Musician Derek Krystek discusses his solo project, Omniverse and working on projects and performing shows that make you happy!

Musician Derek Krystek continues to discuss his solo project, Omniverse and his start in music with high school bands, and playing music with your friends. Krish & Derek talk about the start of their careers in art and a mutual friend’s suicide.

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Taboo Table Talk #45-Consequences of Truth with Stewart Huff Pt. 2


[audio ]

Comedian Stewart Huff continues to talk about whether we want to know the truth or not. Stewart & Krish discuss the truths omitted in the education system and how we deviated away from nuance. Plus the great job of the Professional Listener!

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Taboo Table Talk #44-Consequences of Truth with Stewart Huff Pt. 1


[audio ]

Comedian Stewart Huff discusses brutal honesty about the dead and what are some of the consequences of telling the truth. Plus Stewart talks to Krish about how truthful about his dad he’d be at the funeral.

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Approaching Happiness returns to the Mid-Atlantic, plus a DVD Recording!


I’m very excited to come back to the Mid-Atlantic region with my new hour of comedy, “Approaching Happiness”. I’ll be returning to one of my favorite venues around the country, the Stolz Listening Room on May 12th to record my album and DVD! I’m also coming back to Frederick and debuting the show in DC. For all my DC friends this will be only time that I’ll be performing the show in the DC area. I’m excited to see some of favorite people in the area and record the album. Check out the schedule and the ticket links below!

May 12th: The Stoltz Listening Room in Easton, MD. 8pm. Tickets are $20. LIVE ALBUM & DVD Recording! Featuring David Coulter & hosted by Dee Ahmed.

May 13th: The Impact Hub DC in Washington D.C. 8pm. Tickets are $7 online/$10 at the door. Featuring Pete Bergen & hosted by Bridget Geiran.

May 14th: Wrecked ‘Em Comedy Show at the Cellar Door in Frederick, MD. $5 cover at the door. Featuring Petey Steel!

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Approaching Happiness Album Recording in the South!


It’s finally to come that time of year. I’m going to be recording my new hour of comedy, “Approaching Happiness” in the South! I’m very excited to return to some of my favorite cities and venues to record the album. I’ve got 5 shows set up for the recording and much like the last time one of these shows will be the album. I’m returning to Columbia, Chattanooga, Memphis & Huntsville! Some people ask me why I tour the South! It’s simple. They care and appreciate something different and they’re way more open minded than what people think they are. Check out the details and I hope to see you at one of these shows!

May 3: Soda City Stand Up at New Brookland Tavern in Columbia, SC. 8pm. $5 cover at the door. Featuring John Gibson, Zlata Cass and Zack Kennedy.

May 4: McHales Brewhouse in Chattanooga, TN. 8:30pm. $5 suggested donation.

May 5: Growlers in Memphis, TN. 7pm. $5 cover at the door. Featuring Katrina Coleman & hosted by P.A.

May 6: Clockwork Comedy at Liquor Express in Huntsville, AL. $5 cover at the door. Featuring Patrick Cunningham & Ari Kobler

Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-135-The Most Dangerous Organization


Noam Chomsky has said that the Republican Party has become the most dangerous organization in history! From the way they treated Obama, to the recent primaries, and now Trump, this has made the Republican Party into a dictatorship!

Written by Krish Mohan
Music by Max Somerville
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Approaching Happiness Heads Into The Midwest!


I’m heading back into the MidWest with my new hour of comedy “Approaching Happiness”! I’ve been working on this hour since about June 2016, and I’m happy with the progress of it. The show breaks the stigmas surrounding mental health, immigration, gun control and more! It’s gotten a few mixed reviews from crowds. I’ve had a lot of people tell me they like the show from conservatives to liberals, young to old! But at the same time I’ve had folks walk out, get upset at the material or call it a lecture over a comedy show, since it’s not a traditional comedy set! But regardless of that I’m very excited to keep working on it and making this show as funny and to the point as possible.

I’m excited to bring this show to Ft. Wayne, Terre Haute, St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Bloomington and more! Check out the schedule and the description below.

Approaching Happiness: What makes us happy? Comedian Krish Mohan explores the idea of Happiness and perceptions of mental illness in today’s society. He removing the stigmas associated with immigration, drugs, gun control, racism and being accountable for the problems we’ve created, all revolving around the subject of mental health. Will he find out how we can all approach happiness?

2/15: Accidental Comedy Show Presents: Modern Kicks at Happy Dog. 8pm show. $5.

2/16: Skeletunes in Ft. Wayne, IN. 8pm doors, 8:30pm show. $7 online/$10 at the door. Featuring Hope Aurthur & Adam Gilbert.

2/17: Terre Haute Brewing Company in Terre Haute, IN. 8:30pm show. $7 online/$10 at the door. Featuring Timmy Wells.

2/18: The Monocle in St. Louis, MO. 8pm doors, 8:30pm show. $7 online/$10 at the door. Featuring Eric Brown.

2/19: At North in Chicago, IL. 8pm show. $7 online/$10 at the door. Featuring Peter-john Byrnes & Bill Bullock.

2/20: Camp Comedy Show at The Village Tap in Chicago, IL 8pm show. Donations will be accepted for the show.

2/23: Var Gallery & Studios in Milwaukee, WI. Presented by The Caste of Killers Comedy Collective. Doors at 8pm, 8:30pm. $8 online/$10 at the door. Featuring Jason Hillman & Addi Blanchard

2/24: Comedy Underground Muncie presents “Approaching Happiness”. Secret Location. Message for details. 8pm. $5 suggested donation. Potluck/BYOB

2/25: The Void in Bloomington, IN. 8pm show. $5 cover at the door. Featuring Mo Mitchell & Kurt Messick

2/26: Rupert’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI. 9pm show. Donations will be accepted for the show

2/27: The Robin Theater in Lansing, MI. 8pm show. $10 online and at the door. Presented by the Comedy Coven.

2/28: The Ottawa Tavern in Toledo, OH. 8pm show. $5 cover at the door.

3/2: The Coffee Bar in Parkersburg, WV. 6pm doors, 6:30pm show. $5 cover at the door. Featuring Joel Gant.

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How My Bernie Sanders Stickers Got Me Pulled Over In Arkansas!


About a year ago, I found myself sitting on the hood of an Arkansas State Trooper’s car while 3 officers went through all of my shit in my car. Let’s Tarentino the story. I was on tour with the girl I was dating at the time and we driving from Dallas to Memphis, so we had to go through Arkansas. Even if I’m going to Little Rock, I look for a way around most of Arkansas! I got pulled over for going 7 over the speed limit. Look the Earth spins at about 1000 mph, in the grand scheme of things is this really that big of a deal. So I go through the standard processing of things. License, Registration, what ethnicity are you? Standard. A second officer now shows up on the scene.

So while I’m being questioned by Officer 1, my girl was talking to Officer 2. Now I have 4 different Bernie Sanders stickers on my car. Which makes me a super communist in the state of Arkansas. I have all your freedoms and I ain’t givin’ em back! He looks at her says “So Bernie Sanders? What do you think he’s gonna do?” And she replies “I don’t know it’s my boyfriend’s car!” Throws me right under the fucking bus! So we switch spots and Officer 2 looks at me and says “Bernie Sanders huh? What do you think he’s gonna do?

Well I’m not on his campaign payroll so I can’t give you an accurate answer. But from what I’ve heard his ideas sound pretty good!

And he goes “Yeah, you know I think people don’t really understand what socialism. Cops are a socialist program and so are roads, EMTs, social security.

Ye-yeah! Wait what? In Arkansas those words came out? Are you the only progressive liberal in Arkansas? And you just happened to show up to the place that I’m probably going to get arrested. You’re like a unicorn! I took selfie to prove to people that he was real! I’m an Agnostic and a Skeptic, but after meeting that I’m like “Big Foot maybe, his photo was blurry too

So they asked to search my car and I said no. And then they asked me if there was something they should be worried about…No, nothing you should be worried about but we have everything to be worried about! They decided they’re going to call in the dogs. Which is legal. They can call the dogs whenever they feel it to be necessary. But the dog has to be there by time they run our tags, which they did figured they had all time time in the world. They have 2 of us, and one of us already tried to start the revolution with their fellow officer. We waited 10 minutes for dog to show up. And doesn’t show up in a official police van. It shows up in Windowless White Van, and a man in cargo shorts walks out. The guy looks at me and points to the dog.

This is Andy

What? Not even Officer Andy? I don’t know this dog! You could’ve just gone to the park, and said “We need your dog to save freedom!” Of course you’re going to lend your dog to save freedom! Even Lassie didn’t do that! She saved the same shitty kid from the same shitty well every week! I’m looking at this dog going “What’s he all about? What’s his badge number? Is he liberal, conservative or progressive? What’s his record in the game? What’s his stance on immigration? And why we letting dogs vote before black people!

DISCLOSURE: I didn’t say any of things out loud. I’m convicted, not stupid.

Officer 1 says “We’re going to see if there’s residue on the outside of your car.

Oh you don’t know how drugs work. No one’s been doing drugs and said “I’m about to feel something, but I want my vehicle to feel the same way! Let me just rub a little heroin here” At that point you’ve had enough drugs for the day. So Andy sniffs the front and gets to Trunk and gets excited and sits down. Officer 1 look at me and says, “See that the Dog sat down!

Yeah pretty common trick for a dog to do. So a 3rd cop arrives on the scene and they’re going through the whole car. It was interesting as to what they searched. Like I said my girl was a musician and they took out her acoustic guitar and gave it to her so they wouldn’t break it.

What is this your first day? Do you know how many guns Antonio Bandares hid in a guitar in Desperado. One of them was a Bazooka! That’s the first thing you should’ve checked. Get out of my Teddy Grahams.

They find a bag with a pipe and less than an 8th of an ounce of weed. Officer 3 finds the bag and asks “Who bag is this?” And we said nothing. That’s the only thing I’ve learned from the show cops is that you keep your mouth, because those guys always have an excuse. Even when the cops find you making Meth in your methlab, they’re like ‘Oh no this is just a chemistry set!’ Oh but I can see you making methanphetamines in front of my eyes. ‘These are just cave rocks. I’m gonna go rub this on my car.’

Officer 3 has the nerve to ask “Are y’all really going to make this a big deal over this small amount of weed?

We’re making the big deal? If y’all are out here to prevent more dangerous drugs from being trafficked out there’s probably a highway full of it! There’s probably a truck with a mobile heroine lab, being processed by illegal Chinese slave immigrants, being bagged by tiny Mexican kids, probably over the weight limit, skipped a weigh station and going 80 in a 65! That’s 5 things you can catch them but by all means let’s spend an hour in cold and make such a big deal over that small amount of weed.

I should’ve looked him and said “We’re all stressed let’s fire up that bowl and all chill out for minute and talk about this.

They took the weed and the pipe, which to me is evidence that they smoked it. Because what an embarrassing thing for them right. There’s probably a cop like “We got a crack ring. $200,000 in drugs! What did you guys get?

$18, and a glass pipe shaped like an elephant. So $32.

What’s amazing about all this is that this is first time my race wasn’t an issue when I got pulled over. It was my political affiliation and number of bumper stickers I have! Which is the sign of progress.

Approaching Happiness Tour in Indiana (with Lauren Uchalik)


I’m very excited to be back in through Indiana to work on my new hour socially conscious Stand Up Comedy! This time I’m bringing Lauren Uchalik with me, who’s a fantastic comedian from Detroit! I met her when I was there back in August. The show has come a long way since then. The tour in the South and through New Orleans has helped tighten the material and the structure of the show and I’m excited to be touring with it.  I’m coming back to some of my favorite spots from the Cabbage Patch in Detroit, the Spot Tavern in Lafayette and more! Check out the description of the show and the tour dates below!

Approaching Happiness: What makes us happy? Comedian Krish Mohan explores the idea of Happiness and perceptions of mental illness in today’s society. He removing the stigmas associated with immigration, drugs, gun control, racism and being accountable for the problems we’ve created, all revolving around the subject of mental health. Will he find out how we can all approach happiness? 

December 14: Presents at The Cabbage Patch in Detroit, MI. 8pm. $5. Tickets available here.

December 15: The Spot Tavern in Lafayette, IN. 10pm. $7.

December 16: TBA in Terra Haute, IN.

December 17: Indiana City Brewing Company in Indianapolis, IN. 8:30pm. $7 online/$10 at the door. Tickets available here.

December 18: TBA in Ft. Wayne, IN.

krishmohan-detroit121416 krishmohan-lafayette121516

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Hello friends! I’m excited to announce that my Patreon is up and running. Donating to this will help with operations cost for my podcast, Taboo Table Talk, Fork Full of Noodles and my socially conscious Stand Up Comedy. This will also help with expanding my shows and possibly releasing 2 Fork Full of Noodles per week! Plus donations get pretty cool prizes, from CDs, illustrations and more!

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