The Washington Post review of Krish’s Capital Fringe show in 2016!

IndiaWest covered Krish’s album release and his socially conscious material!

Randy Clark reviewed Krish’s show for IndyFringe Talks!

Laugh Button covered the preview of Krish’s 3rd Album.

NUVO talks to Krish about talking about issues and the importance of comedy!

IndyFringe NUVO Review

NUVO in Indianapolis’ review of my IndyFringe show! 4.5 stars!

IndyStar reviewed and wrote about Krish’s IndyFringe ’15 show!

Wendy Carson wrote a very nice short piece about Krish Mohan’s show at the IndyFringe.

Krish gets a mention in this article about the IndyFringe in 2015

Tom Alvarez, of the Examiner, reviewed Krish’s show at the Firefighters Union Hall at the IndyFringe.

Ben Daniels of the DC Metro Theater Arts reviews Krish’s show at the Capital Fringe!

The DCist’s review of the premiere of Krish’s Capital Fringe show about making best of tough situations!

Do Savannah’s coverage of the Krish’s show at the Wormhole!

The Greenville Journal talks to Krish about comedy and social vigilantism!

Krish discusses getting pulled over for having Bernie Sanders stickers and talking about ‘touchy’ subjects on stage with the Lansing State Journal.

Krish talks about attempting hope through comedy with the Lansing Pulse!

The Feature article in What’s Up Annapolis about his comparison to Aziz Ansari and talking about challenging society norms on stage!

Krish discusses why he talks about socially conscious issues on stage with the Toledo City Paper!

Krish talks about mixing education and comedy in Athens GA!

Krish discusses how he’s not a household name in the Syracuse New Times!

Krish talks about why it’s important to talk politics in comedy in the Greenville Journal!

Krish talks to the Goshen News about starting a conversation with comedy.

Krish talks about writing material about politics and social issues on stage in Smile Politely in Champaign IL!

A short article about Krish’s show in Auburn NY at the acclaimed Auburn Public Theater.

A short article about using Comedy to start conversations about social & political topics in the Mountain XPress!

Krish talks about the importance of using humor to talk about Social Issues on stage and his 3rd Album Recording with the Frederick Post.

The Daily Reveille at LSU’s review of Krish’s show in Baton Rogue!

The Mountaineer Comedy Club in Morgantown, WV talks about Krish Mohan & Stewart Huff at West Virginia University.

Krish talks about creativity and finding your voice with the Cauldron in Cleveland.

The Southern Insecurities Comedy Tour in McHale’s in Chattanooga for a socially conscious Stand Up Comedy Show!

Using Creativity and Art as a vehicle for positive change with Kiera Carr of The Journal Gazette in Fort Wayne.

Talk about Politics, Comedy & the TransContinental Tour with the LEO in Louisville.

April Phillips at the Virginian Pilot talks to Krish & Ashley about comedy and indie touring.

Krish was featured in the LaughRiot Online Zine talking about all things Comedy!

The Living Ft. Wayne article about the Pure Joy for Everyone Tour with Stewart Huff

The Savannah Now article about the Pure Joy for Everyone Tour with Stewart Huff

The Featured Article on NakYouOut about myself and the headlining show on May 24th.

Krish was the first comedian to have an album on OurTunez. This is the Backstage Pass about his album.

Krish was interviewed by PF Wilson, Comedian and Writer in Cincinnati, about coming out performing at Go Bananas in June 2012. Check out the article HERE.

Mr. Dan Majors spoke to Krish about the Noodlebowl Comedy Show at Holwers Coyote Cafe in July 2012. Check out the article HERE.

This is an article Krish was mentioned in regarding the Pittsburgh Comedy Scene and the Laughing in the Face of Cancer Event that I was in June 2012! Written by Friend and Fellow Comedian, Sean Collier. Check it out HERE.

The Noodlebowl Comedy Show was feature in the Chartiers Valley Patch. Check it out HERE.

The ‘Burgh Vivant Article & the Pop City Media Article for the End of the World Improv Show.

The article written about Secondhand Sketch on NakYouOut.


Krish Mohan, Mark Viola, J.C. Ratliff, Boston McCown and Bone get together to talk about philosophy, road stories, and open mics on the Bone’s Lair Podcast.

Lansing Pulse Radio interviews Krish on the importance of talking about the bigger topics.

Krish talks about comedy and writing in the context of an hour and touring with Garrett Titlebaum on “It’s Nice To See He’s Working”

Krish discusses politics, beards and comedy on a Questionable Mind.

Krish talks to the Drinking Partners (Ed Bailey & Day Bracey) about comedy, philosophy, relationships and the importance of DMX!

Krish sits down with Mike Moran & Josh Kuderna on the Digression Sessions Podcast to talk about recording his 3rd album, comic books, ghost ejaculations and

Krish returns to “I’m Not From Here” to talk to Matt Stanton about DC, selling merch and recording his 3rd album.

Krish’s appearance on the I’m Not From Here Podcast with Matt Stanton!

Krish talks about Fight Club and why the twist matters with Raanan Herschberg and Brian Eichenberger on Your Favorite Movie Sucks! Podcast.

Krish was one of the first guests on the Art of the Covenant podcast with Garrett Tittlebaum. He was on with Stewart Huff, but check out the first part with just Stewart HERE.

Krish was part of the debut episode of Bone’s Lair with Bone & J.C. Ratliff in Knoxville, TN!

Krish was on the “Ian Insect is Evil” Podcast with Adriana Ramirez talking about the nature of Evil. Part of the Epicast Network.

I was a guest on the Local Joke podcast in Chapel Hill with Stewart Huff!

HERE is the Podcast interview on Haters for Hire with Derek Minto. Recorded January 6, 2012.

HERE is the Podcast interview on Haters for Hire with Derek Minto. Recorded May 9, 2013.

Krish was a guest on Does This Hold Up talking about “The Rock” starring Nic Cage. Part of the Epicast Network

HERE is the Podcast interview on Writing on the Floor with Zach Simons. Recorded August 9, 2012

HERE is the interview on the AP Collection. Recorded March 17, 2013.

Krish’s second appearance on The AP Collection with Genevieve Barbee!

On-Air Guest on MediaBytes: The Madness in the Message Radio Hour with Ron Placone talking about some of the Injustices in India.

Guest Comedian on Jim Krenn’s No Restrictions Podcast. Recorded August 28th, 2013.

Radio & Video Interviews

Krish on WAMC-NPR Northeast talking about race, immigration and his comedy tour in PA & NY.

Krish talks to Shawn Quinn on Quinn in the Morning on Gen.XM about funding a Kickstarter and independent touring!

HERE is the interview on the Get Involved! TV. Recorded on January 2012.

HERE is the Interview on the YouTube series Yakkin’ with Ya Jagoff at Latitude 40. Recorded on December 2012 and released on February 2013.


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