Effects of Suicide (NEW STORYTELLING)

After loosing a friend to suicide, Comedian Krish Mohan recounts the effect it had on him and his friends. Recorded LIVE at the Annoyance Theater in Chicago, IL Suicide Prevention: afsp.org Music intro & outro, "Space Dust" by Derek Krystek: https://soundcloud.com/theomniversesound Written & Edited by Krish Mohan Videography by Krish Mohan Subscribe//Weekly Emails//Show Dates Patreon//Bandcamp … Continue reading Effects of Suicide (NEW STORYTELLING)


For Bobby: The Last Tennis Game

This year marks 4 years that my best friend and brother (from another mother), Bobby passed away. I miss the kid a lot. There's a ton of things that remind me of him. One of my fondest memories involved our last tennis game. Bobby was a natural talent and he was on the tennis team … Continue reading For Bobby: The Last Tennis Game

For Bobby

It's been 3 years since my best friend Bobby passed away. In last 2 years I've taken this day to find out what everyone around me wanted to do, whether it was a just see each other or get together or just see my now ex. This year I'm by myself, getting myself ready to … Continue reading For Bobby