Variety in Racism

As a foreign gentleman in the United States, I’m always surprised at the new, creative terms and ideas that come out of racists. Even as a kid, growing up in this country I was made privy to how creative these racists can get. Sure, every racist called me cheap, and said that I must be … Continue reading Variety in Racism


HEADLINING at the Corner Cafe

On October 25, as part of my birthday celebrations, I'll be closing out a special showcase at the Corner Cafe with my good friends, Derek Minto, Ray Zawodni, Molly Sharrow & Zach Funk and is hosted by Tommy Kupiec. The show will be starting at 8:30pm and is $5. Don't miss this show, because it's … Continue reading HEADLINING at the Corner Cafe

The AP Collection Podcast

Hello friends, I'm very excited to share the conversation I had with Genevieve Barbee on the AP Collection.   This was an awesome conversation where we talked about Design, Comedy, Writing, Relationships, the Creative process and much much more! Enjoy the conversation HERE and share away!


India has been one of those countries that has been developing and industrializing at a rapid rate. Being at Indian living in America, I can’t help but marvel over how much my origin country has changed over the course of the last 10 years alone. Cities look completely different, the attitude of the people has … Continue reading Developed